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About Us

Jilion is a pioneer and leading provider of no-compromises HTML5 Video Technologies.

SublimeVideo started in 2010 as the world’s first cloud-based HTML5 Video player; a pioneering solution that provides Web publishers with a fast, pain-free way to truly embrace and enable HTML5 and allows their videos to play flawlessly on any device, browser and web page.

Today, SublimeVideo Framework, the world’s first HTML5 Video Player Framework, goes a giant leap beyond existing HTML5 Video player implementations, by solving two big HTML5 Video challenges for the very first time: Providing brands and web publishers with both total graphic freedom and complete features modularity, that just work, with pixel-perfect rendering, on any web browser and the latest mobile platforms.

Our Mission

We care deeply about the Web and are committed to making contributions that push it forward.

The whole Web is currently moving toward HTML5. Web video in particular is entering its 3rd age, the HTML5 Video age. We developed SublimeVideo HTML5 Video Technologies from the ground up to turn the promises of HTML5 Video into a practical reality, today.

Our mission is to provide Web publishers with a fast yet powerful and reliable way to migrate to the mandatory HTML5 Video standard, so they can finally provide their audiences with no-compromise, perfectly branded and features rich video players that ‘just work’ on any platform!

Our Story

SublimeVideo started in January 2010, somehow by accident as it was initially just a simple demo, actually showcasing the world’s first functional, HTML5 Video Player with custom controls.

We never expected the tremendous, spontaneous and positive response we instantly received on Twitter and from leading web publications, including Daring Fireball, Wired, ReadWriteWeb, Mashable, to name a few.

From that moment on, we decided to focus on the mission of providing the Web with the best possible HTML5 Video solution in order to truly enable the HTML5 Video age.

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Our Team

Jilion’s core team met at EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne), and initially started to work on a completely different Web project. This is how we “muscled” knowledge in Rails, JavaScript, CSS, etc. Thank you EPFL for creating the conditions for people like us to meet and start working together.

  • Mehdi Aminian

    Mehdi Jacques Aminian


  • Zeno Crivelli

    Zeno Crivelli


  • Thibaud Guillaume-Gentil

    Thibaud Guillaume-Gentil

    Software Engineer

  • Octave Zangs

    Octave Zangs

    Web & UI Designer

  • Rémy Coutable

    Rémy Coutable

    Software Engineer

  • Andrea Coiro

    Andrea Coiro

    Software Engineer

Our Supporters

In this section we would like to take the opportunity to express our warmest gratitude to all our supporters, whether they have been with us for a long or short time.
We would also like to thank the various Swiss institutions and initiatives for helping innovation flourish in our country.

It is clear we would not have come this far without your combined support.

  • Prof. Pierre Fazan

    Prof. Pierre Fazan

    Jilion’s angel investor, entrepreneur and co-founder of InnovativeSilicon (acquired by Micron).

  • Stelio Tzonis

    Stelio Tzonis

    Jilion’s angel investor, entrepreneur and co-founder of Lysis (acquired by Nagra-Kudelski) and Urturn.

  • Amin Shokrollahi

    Prof. Amin Shokrollahi

    Jilion’s angel investor, head of EPFL Algorithmics Laboratory, entrepreneur and co-founder of Kandou Bus.

  • Family

    The Crivelli Family

    Jilion’s angel investor.

  • Family

    The Aminian Family

    Jilion’s angel investor.

  • Family

    The Beltrametti Family

    Jilion’s angel investor.

  • François Stieger

    François Stieger

    Jilion’s angel investor, former senior exec at Verisign, Oracle and Broadvision.

  • Colas Overkott

    Colas Overkott

    Jilion’s angel investor, CEO at Visiware, former co-founding director of e-TF1 and CEO of Lysis (acquired by Nagra-Kudelski).

  • Dave Brown

    Dave Brown

    Jilion’s angel investor, entrepreneur and co-founder of Buy.at (acquired by AOL).

  • Laurent Haug

    Laurent Haug

    Jilion’s advisor, entrepreneur and co-founder of Lift Conference.

  • Prof. Willy Zwaenepoel

    Prof. Willy Zwaenepoel

    Jilion’s advisor, head of EPFL Operating Systems Lab, entrepreneur and co-founder of BugBuster, former Dean of EPFL Computer Sciences.

  • Prof. Pierre Vandergheynst

    Prof. Pierre Vandergheynst

    Jilion’s advisor, head of EPFL Signal Processing Lab, entrepreneur and co-founder of Immersive Vision Technologies.

  • EPFL - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne

    EPFL - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne

    Spin-off support and financial innovation grants (innogrants).

  • Foundation for Technology Innovation

    Foundation for Technology Innovation

    No-interest long term loans (link).

  • venture kick

    venture kick

    Private initiative providing swiss startups with financial grants (link).

  • Canton of Vaud

    Canton of Vaud

    Various start-up financial support.

  • Canton of Jura

    Canton of Jura

    Various start-up financial support.

  • Swiss Confederation

    Swiss Confederation

    Governmental Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI providing academia with financial grants to support start-up innovation.

  • Lausanne Région PERL


    Entrepreneurship Award developed by Lausanne Region.