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Real-Time Statistics add-on

Important note: This add-on is only available to clients who have subscribed to it before 30 January 2014 and to users hosting their videos on Dailymotion Cloud, all other users should use the Google Analytics add-on instead.

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SublimeVideo’s statistics platform offers a truly comprehensive, real-time overview of your site’s video traffic from any device, whether generated from mobile or desktop, HTML5 or Flash.

Stats preview
To access the Real-Time Statistics dashboard, simply click the ‘View Stats’ button next to
your site(s) on the My Sites page.

Please note your videos must have a uid in order to appear in this section. Read more.

Last 60 minutes stats

At the top-left of the Real-Time Statistics dashboard, you will find two graphs that show you the video loads and plays per minute for the last 60 minutes.

At the top-right of the dashboard, the last 100 video plays for the last 60 minutes appear in real-time as your visitors play your videos. For each video played, we show you the browser, operating system and country of the viewer, as well as on which site he’s watching the video.

Last 60 minutes stats

Statistics over time

In the next section, you will see by default all video loads and plays for the last 24 hours and from all sites. You can change the time range to the last 30, 90 or 365 days and also choose to display video loads and plays that happen on your own site only or on external sites only (i.e. showing embedded videos’ stats only).

Statistics over time

Selecting a time range updates the large graph to display stats for the chosen time period as well as the three additionals stats at the bottom of the page (Browser + OS, Countries and Mobile / Desktop sections). On the large graph, video plays (in green) VS video loads (in gray) are displayed, so you can get an idea for how popular your videos are compared to the rest of a page’s content.

Browser, Country & Device view shares

The statisics in this section are all based on video plays. They show what are the most popular browsers, countries and mobile (including tablets) vs. desktop view shares within the currently selected time range.

Browser country device stats

Video Statistics

The Real-Time statistics add-on allows you to see per-video statistics as well. The video statistics dashboard is similar to the site statistics dashboard and can be accessed through the “Videos” page of your site.

Data Export

Data export

You can export your stats data in CSV format for the selected period and sources. The CSV file includes loads and plays data for both normal and iframe embedded videos.

A note for Google Analytics users

In case you are using Google Analytics to track the traffic of your site, you may use it to track your video statistics. Please refer to our specific help page to get more information about how to configure it.

This is also valid for most web analytics solutions.

Setup <video> elements for stats

Please note that the settings described below can be set via the Video Publishing Assistant.

The data-uid attribute

In order to make a video showing up in your statistics dashboard, you must give it a unique uid with the data-uid attribute. Here is an example:

<video class="sublime" data-uid="landscape1" poster="some-great-landscapes.jpg">
  <source src="http://yoursite.com/some-great-landscapes.mp4" />
  <source src="http://yoursite.com/some-great-landscapes.webm" />

Important note: It should be a unique string among all your videos. The string must be composed of alphanumeric, “-” (hyphen) and “_” (underscore) characters exclusively (case insensitive) and must be at least 1 character and less than 65 characters.
The actual regular expression used to validate the uid is: /^[a-z0-9_\-]{1,64}$/i.


The title attribute

To ensure a video is displayed with a nice title in your statistics dashboard, simply use the title attribute. Here is an example:

<video class="sublime" title="My great landscapes" poster="some-great-landscapes.jpg">
  <source src="http://yoursite.com/some-great-landscapes.mp4" />
  <source src="http://yoursite.com/some-great-landscapes.webm" />


  • You can update the title as often as you’d like. Such changes will be reflected in the statistics page in near real-time.
  • The title setting respects the Player settings syntax.