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Site settings

You can access your site’ settings from the My Sites page by clicking on the “gear” icon in your site’s row and select “Settings”.

Production domains

Video plays and page visits are counted for the production domains only.

Main domain

Use this field to specify the main domain name of your site. Technically, this is a hostname, so you can also enter a subdomain (example: blog.yourdomain.com).

Alias domains

Use this field to specify extra domains, e.g.: mydomain.fr, mydomain.ch. This field is meant to be used exclusively for domains that are leading to the same content as your main domain. Localized domains (for instance yourdomain.fr and yourdomain.es that “look” like yourdomain.com but contain translated content) are also allowed.

Staging and development domains

Use the staging and development domains fields to enter domains on which video plays and page visits should not be counted in your stats.

Staging domains

Use this field to specify staging domains, e.g.: staging.mydomain.com, mydomain-staging.com.

Development domains

Use this field to specify local development domains (e.g.: mydomain.local, mydomain.dev). Local domains with a suffix (or top-level-domain) that does not appear in the Public Suffix List.

Advanced settings

Custom path

Use this field to restrict your SublimeVideo player license to a specific path of your domain.
As general rule, if you don’t own the main domain, we highly recommend you use this field to restrict the player to your pages only.


Enable the wildcard option to extend your SublimeVideo player license to any subdomains of your main, alias, staging and development domains.