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Use SublimeVideo with YouTube videos

Important note: Any site using YouTube along with the SublimeVideo Player must comply with YouTube’s terms and conditions. Particularly with the current version of YouTube Player API, this integration should not be used, if a video is monetized using Overlay or TrueView Ads.

How-to video

The following video will get you started integrating YouTube videos with SublimeVideo.

Additional information

Following are the instructions given in the video as well as some additional information:

  • Copy and paste the YouTube video URL into the Video Publishing Assistant (in the “Video sources” section).
  • Modify your video’ settings if needed.
  • Click the “Get the Code” button and copy and paste the code where you would like the video to appear in your page.

Alternatively, if you’re writing your <video> element manually, you need to get the YouTube video ID (see the “v” parameter “v=YOUTUBE_ID” in the URL) and set it as follow:

<video class="sublime" data-youtube-id="YOUTUBE_ID" width="640" height="360" preload="none"></video>


  • The posterframe is taken from YouTube but you can still override it if you prefer (with the poster attribute).
  • Set the width and height attributes to the correct values depending on your video.
  • Don’t set any <source> elements.