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The Lightbox feature displays your videos but also your images in a floating player. The Lightbox-opening trigger is a simple <a> element, and you can have multiple <a> that open the same video or image in a lightbox.

While it is possible to integrate SublimeVideo with other lightbox libraries (you’ll need to use our JavaScript API for this), we highly recommend using SublimeVideo’s Lightbox feature to get the easiest and best possible lightbox integration for your videos.

Step 1: Create a <video> element

<video id="video1" style="display:none" width="640" height="360" poster="video-poster.jpg" preload="none">
  <source src="http://yoursite.com/video.mp4" />
  <source src="http://yoursite.com/video.webm" />
  • Don’t add the sublime class to the <video>.
  • The <video> element needs to be initially hidden (with style="display:none" in the code above).

Step 2: Create an <a> element

<a class="sublime" href="#video1">Play the video with the ID "video1"</a>
  • The href value must corresponds to the id of the <video> element created in Step 1.
  • Add the sublime class to the <a>.

Please see the Lightbox settings page.