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Quickstart Guide

Setup your site with the Setup Assistant

Log into MySublimeVideo, if you don’t have registered any site yet you will land on the first step of our Setup Assistant. The Assistant will guide you through 3 easy steps (the 4th step is a summary) which can all be skipped by clicking the “Next” button.

Manage your sites

On the My Sites page, you can quickly access any of the following pages for any of your sites:

  • Players: Edit your existing players or create new ones.
  • Publish video: Use our Video Publishing Assistant to generate proper <video> elements. You can also access this page via the big blue “Publish Video” button.
  • Loader code: Get the line of code to add SublimeVideo to your site.
  • Settings: Manage your site’ settings such as alias/staging/development domains, wildcard and path option.
  • Invoices: View all the invoices for your site.

What’s next?

Learn how to display your video in a Lightbox, play with our JS API or customize your player.