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Customize the start view

We provide two levels of customization for the start view:

Note: Please don’t try to modify the start view using CSS, you could potentially break the compatibility with some browsers (and we would not provide you with support in that case).

Customize or disable the initial overlay

To customize or disable the initial overlay, please use the initial-overlay-enable and initial-overlay-visibility player settings. Here is an example:


Use a custom start view

You can also use your own custom start view using our JavaScript API to start the video playback as soon as the user clicks on your custom start view.

In the example below we’re simply using some text in the <a> element as the custom start view but you could obviously replace it with an <img> element.



  • Don’t add the sublime class to the <video> element since the video will be prepared through the JS API.
  • Make sure you embed the jQuery library (you can find the latest version here) in your page!
  • Put the JavaScript code in a <script> element just before the </body> tag, or in an external file.