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Using the data settings

Please note that most of the settings described in this page can be set via the Video Publishing Assistant and via your site’s Player editor page on MySublimeVideo.

Data settings are settings that you add to a DOM element (before being prepared by the SublimeVideo application) in order to alter it’s behaviour once prepared. You can write data settings in two ways

Via data-setting-name attributes

Each setting can be set via a data- attribute on the DOM element.

For instance:

<video data-autoresize="fit" data-on-end="stop" ...>

Via the data-settings attribute

If you have multiple settings to specify, you can also group them in a single data-settings attribute, as a CSS-like formatted string.

For instance:

<video data-settings="autoresize: fit; on-end: stop;" ...>

Supported Settings

See Player settings for the list of supported settings you can put on your <video> elements, and Lightbox settings for the list settings supported on the <a> elements that trigger the lightbox.